Markets in Japan 市場

  • Published on : 18/07/2020
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People jostle each other at flea markets. Sellers often sell junk and second-hand goods, sometimes even antiques, and potential buyers do not hesitate to bargain. It's quite the jumble sale.

Kimonos, vintage objects, crockery and other trinkets accumulate on the stalls. Other stands usually serve drinks and sweet or savoury foods to the market-goers. A visit to these popular events is an opportunity for one to experience Japan just like the inhabitants of the archipelago.

There are also food markets, outside the cellars of department stores and supermarkets. The halls of the Toyosu fish market in Tokyo, formerly known as Tsukiji, demonstrate, just like others in the provinces, the demand for quality and freshness of the products that professionals value highly.


Japan's flea markets

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Marché Tsukiji

L'ancien marché au poisson de Tokyo Tsukiji

Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

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